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How Would You Like To Schedule FIVE 60-Minute Private Coaching Sessions With Cheryl Lyons Throughout The Year To Accelerate Your Happiness And Success?

...For Just $497?

Are you ready to learn how to 'Live Your Life In Harmony Amongst The Noise And Chaos" so you can be happy and successful? Life will always consist of challenges, loss, and fears, but with empowering support from our sixty Heart Minded Mastermind Women, Coaching with Cheryl Lyons, and Free Bonuses you will be provided with the tools, strategies, support, and committed mindset to live the life you have imagined. 

Heart Minded Mastermind 6-Session Course March 30- May 4, 2022

Private Facebook Group - May Live Event - Private Heart Minded Mastermind Circle for 12 months - 5-Private 60-Minute Coaching Sessions With Cheryl - 8-Monthly Training Sessions Guest Experts - 30 min live Q & A after each session - Clarify Your Vision Course - 2-Private Group Coaching Sessions 

We're only offering this "Private Coaching Package With Bonuses" to our sixty "Heart Minded Mastermind Women" attendees, because we feel the live event, private coaching sessions with Cheryl Lyons, and ALL BONUSES at a SUPER DISCOUNT PRICE, will be what you need to assist you achieve your desired results! 

If you've ever struggled with:

  • Not achieving the results you want even though you feel you're doing what it takes

  • Being frustrated not figuring out what makes you happy and successful instead of settling for...

  • Feeling pulled in different directions, distracted,  and not as prodcutive as you know you can be 

  • Being misunderstood with too much conflict and other people's drama, slowing down successful results

  • Feeling stresed, emotionally isolated, and barely surviving while starting or growing your business

Then Private Coaching with Cheryl Lyons  and Bonuses Below are what you need: 

This offer with additional Bonuses is only available during this limited time. If you're seeing and reading this right now, then it means this special price is still available for the "Coaching Package With Bonuses", total savings of $3,297.00, also providing you with the amazing tools and strategy for achieving what you want! 

Here's What's Possible For YOU When You Invest In Yourself And Schedule 5-Private Coaching Sessions With Cheryl Lyons To Achieve Your Vision Of Success 

Module #1


You will discover how you are currently communicating while coached to develop empowering emotion vs logic communication skills to enhance all relations with people. 

This is the foundation for your success, because how you communicate with yourself, internal communication, and others will determine if you create harmonious relations and your level of happiness and success!

Module #2


Cheryl will help you discover why you feel unhappy, provide inspiring suggestions to assist you release what makes you feel that way and ideas to increase your happiness. 

Learn how to embrace all of who you are, release what's not good for you, set kind boundaries for yourself and others, do what you enjoy, plan realistic expectations, focus, and create a plan for what makes you happy!

Module #3

"Success Connection"

Cheryl will assist you clarify your current and precise definition of success, discover what you must change and focus on for to create, enjoy, and live your vision of success!

She will coach you through enhancing your communication skills, revealing and retraining subconscious habits and patterns of behavior, while aligning your beliefs and values with your vision, and living your life in harmony!

Plus All These AMAZING Bonuses...


8-Monthly Training Sessions 

Cheryl Lyons is providing eight additional monthly training sessions following the completion of the Heart Minded Mastermind Women 6-week live virtual interactive course and your purchase of these 5-Private Coaching Sessions. Cheryl embraces your committment to achieve happiness and success. Tuesday training sessions include a variety of topics, some interviews with expert guests, and recorded for you to view at a later time. Heart Minded Mastermind Course concludes April 2022. The 8-Monthly Trainings are intentionally planned for a small group of women May - December 2022.

$1,600 Value


30-Minute Live Q & A Following 8-Training

Your Leadership + Happiness + Success Connection is important to me. Imagine the value of participating in a 30-Minute Q & A session with a small circle of friendly supportive female peers in the safe, trusting, private environment of our "Vision To Action Women Commuity Circle" following each of the 8-Monthly Training Sessions May - December. You will schedule each of your 5-Private Coaching Sessions with Cheryl Lyons when it's best for you throughout the year. Plus you've already received the Free Bonus : Community Circle Membership for one year, valued at $1,190.00.

$800. Value


Clarify Your Vision To Accelerate Success

Clarify Your Vision To Accelerate Success is a pre-recored 12-Session video course for you to review as many times as you'd like. This course is a great value for you, especially because there will be times when you or a family member decide to focus on clarifying what you want in other areas of your life throughout the years. 

In this course you will discover other subconscious fears, habits, and patterns of behaviors that are holding you back, reveal beliefs and values not aligned with what you want, and inspired with an empowered commitment to accelerate your success.

$147. Value

You will be Emailed Bonus Information, Monthly Training Sessions And A Link To Book Your 60-Minute Private Lessons With Cheryl Lyons

  • 5-Private 60 Minute Coaching Sessions In 2022 With Cheryl Lyons 

  • (Value: $  750)

  • BONUS: 8-Monthly Training Sessions With Cheryl And Guest Experts   

  • (Value: $1,600

  • BONUS: 30 Minute Live Q & A Sessions Following 8-Training Sessions

  • (Value: $  800)

  • BONUS: Clarify Your Vision To Accelerate Success Online Course

  • (Value: $  147)

Total Value: $3,297

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